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    Did you know? Most highly successful executives ages 45 – 60 will sabotage their own careers and never fully recover because they don´t know The New Rules. The secrets are revealed in The Legacy Track Career System…

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    …leave a Legacy?

    Hi, I´m Marie Guthrie, CEO of The Legacy Track.


    For over twenty years I´ve shown highly successful executives worldwide in their 40´s, 50´s and beyond how to proactively manage their careers in any economy, competitive market, natural disasters, global situation or stage of life.

    I have studied the impact of how a changing global workforce, career trends and the New Rules quickly get executive careers Off Track. Audiences full of high achieving executives talk openly of becoming Hired Guns of the Global Economy, trapped in roles they don´t want and no longer feeling in control of what is really important to them.

    Why The New Rules?

    I have had to reinvent my career 5 times due to mergers, economic downturns, market shifts and new bosses. I´ve been at the top, climbed back to the top and have learned The New Rules for Executive Careers the hard way.

    Made it to the Top

    After becoming Director and Corporate Secretary of a Fortune 500 high tech company, I hired thousands of people at all levels, brought executive teams together and traveled all over the world. It was exciting and fun until the industry went bust in 1998. I spent 2 years restructuring the division globally creating jobs in other parts of the world while helping thousands of colleagues locally find new jobs and careers. I never took care of my own career — big mistake.

    I´m Highly Marketable so Why am I Unemployed for 12 Months?

    In 2000 I was 46 years old and took the rest of the year off naively believing that I would be reemployed at the top in no time. What a shock it was to learn that doors didn´t automatically open and there weren´t several positions to choose from. I was totally unprepared for the New Rules. It was awful. My days were spent networking, sending out resumes and still nothing. I began to really question my worth and wondered if I would ever be at the top again. I learned the hard way about the New Rules. Once I mastered the New rules the doors started to magically open again and I was finally fully employed with a great career again.

    A New Career in 3 Months — The New Rules Worked

    I was much better prepared in 2005 at age 51 when my company was sold to a private equity firm and my position was eliminated in 10 short months. I was fully engaged in my new career 3 months later thanks to The New Rules for Executive Careers.

    Turning 50 — Life Changes on Steroids

    I must have missed the memo that turning 50 and the 50´s decade bring about so many life and role changes. My husband and I became empty nesters and enjoyed a brief period of total freedom to reconnect and do what we wanted to do. We took on caregiver duties first with my husband´s mother and then my parents. Both situations required uprooting them from their homes and long distance moves into nearby assisted living.

    Taking Care of Family

    By design my husband´s retirement and our daughter´s college graduation took place within 4 weeks of each other the year we celebrated our 30th anniversary. The downturn in the economy caused our daughter to lose her job, find another job and to move back in with her 3 dogs for a total of 5, yes 5 dogs. Then Dad/Grandpa/Great–Grandpa moved in, too, after losing his bride of 64 years. We celebrate holidays with 4 generations gathered around the table as we connect the newest members with the rich traditions and legacies of those no longer with us. While all this is going on, I start, grow and thrive in my Executive Career Consulting and Coaching business giving me the freedom to focus on the very important people in my life when they need me the most.

    The Best Career Formula for Executives in their 40´s, 50´s and Beyond

    I have worked with hundreds of Fortune 500 executives and The Legacy Track Career System works once you understand The New Rules for Executive Careers. I know because the results speak for themselves. My executive clients from 8 years ago are still in control of careers at age 60 on their terms and living the life they want. The 50´s decade is now their best decade — with more to come.

    Will You be Living a Legacy?

    Maybe you are scratching your head and asking yourself the same question my executive clients are asking, "What is really important?" The interesting thing about the answers is that it is never about money. It is always about happiness, relationships, following dreams and making a contribution that means something.

    Most of us in our 20´s and 30´s are trying to build our legacy. In our 40´s and beyond we are trying to leave one.

    I´ve made it my mission to teach executives The New Rules and to proactively be prepared for any situation that may impact their career, their health, their lives and their loved ones. It is my dream that executives with healthy careers in their 50´s will establish their legacy careers now, find the meaningful work that they seek and continue to contribute and pay forward for many years to come.

    Discover for Yourself the New Rules for Executive Careers

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